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Large Properties
(In descending order
from largest to smallest)

420 N Dubuque St
308 Church St
714 N Van Buren St
216 Fairchild St
225 Church St
332 N Van Buren St
931 S Van Buren St
222 Fairchild St

3 to 4 Bedrooms

225 Church St
508 E Davenport St
418 N Van Buren St
509 1/2 E Davenport St
509 E Davenport St

Efficiencies & 2 Bedrooms

156 Westside Dr
395 Beaver Kreek

RENTAL GUIDE: Standard Information Applying to All Properties

Tenants pay for all utilities.

Water, sewer and trash are billed monthly by the City of Iowa City, and depend solely on actual usage by occupants of the property.

Pre-dated rent checks shall be given to Landlords at start of lease. This is meant to eliminate late rent. Rent shall be paid with individual checks from each tenant.

Heavy cleaning may be necessary when tenants move in at the start of the lease, due to prior tenants not doing a good job of cleaning up. In the event this situation arises, new tenants agree to do this cleaning and will be paid for their time by Landlords by using prior tenants' security deposits.

No candle burning, no tobacco smoking, no kegs of beer or large parties, and no pets are allowed on premises.

Tenants need to follow rules regarding normal upkeep of property, neighborhood conduct rules, and compliance with City of Iowa City housing code ordinances as detailed in the lease. Failure to do so will result in violation charges to security deposit. Tenants will be required to sign City of Iowa City’s “Information Disclosure and Acknowledgment Form” regarding maximum occupancy of the property, among other items.

Prospective tenants interested in leasing this property will need to submit reference information sheets to Landlords. These forms are available online by clicking here.

Tenants are responsible for taking care of snow shoveling in a timely manner. The city requires snow removal within 24 hours of snowfall.

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