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Large Properties
(In descending order
from largest to smallest)

420 N Dubuque St
308 Church St
714 N Van Buren St
216 Fairchild St
225 Church St
332 N Van Buren St
931 S Van Buren St
222 Fairchild St

3 to 4 Bedrooms

225 Church St
508 E Davenport St
418 N Van Buren St
509 1/2 E Davenport St
509 E Davenport St

Efficiencies & 2 Bedrooms

156 Westside Dr
395 Beaver Kreek


Starting up utilities

Please refer to your rental agreement for details about your utilities. Telephone and television reception are tenant responsibility. This list is provided for your convenience only. It does not represent any services provided by the landlord.

Due to City Classification of many of the houses, some are zoned duplexes, triplexes, and rooming houses, etc. They therefore have multiple gas and electric, and water accounts. It is the tenant's responsibility to have all these accounts put in their name with a starting date of August 1.

If you are in Iowa City:

MidAmerican Energy (gas/electric)                  (888) 427-5632
City of Iowa City (water/sewer/trash)                (319) 356-5064
Qwest (telephone and DSL)                            (800) 244-1111
Mediacom (cable)                                          (800) 874-2924

If you are in North Liberty:

MidAmerican Energy (gas)                             (888) 427-5632
Alliant Utilities (electric)                                 (800) 822-4348
South Slope Co-op (telephone & cable)           (800) 272-6449
Mediacom (cable)                                          (800) 874-2924
City of North Liberty (water/sewer/trash)          (319) 626-5700

Important phone numbers & contact information

Office: (319) 321-6418


Maintenance: Joey at (319) 331-7502 or John at (319) 621-0606

At the start of the lease term:

August rent check needs to be received on or before August 1 in order for you to pick up keys to the property. Exterior keys are provided. Interior keys and locks are the tenant's responsibility. No window air conditioners are provided or repaired by landlord.

No early entrance into units is allowed unless previous arrangements have been made.

If you are not moving in on August 1, please (a) make arrangements to have rent paid on or before August 1 (late fees still apply even if you have not moved in); (b) establish utilities in your name; and (c) make contact with the office in writing that you will be arriving late and what arrangements you would like to make to pick up keys.

When you are preparing to move out:

Security Deposit: Your security deposit will not be used for your last month's rent. If you do not submit rent for the last month, legal proceedings will be taken to collect the rent. Please pay rent as you normally do.

It is expected that the dwelling will be left in a condition suitable for a new tenant to move into. Any cleaning, repairs that are in excess of "normal wear and tear," personal belongings left behind, possession of unit/keys past deadline, etc., are costs that will be charged back to you.

Cleaning tips:

Here are some suggestions for cleaning and checking out of your unit that you may be required to do in order to get 100% of your security deposit back. Bear in mind that there may be other things that you may be required to do which may not appear on this list.

- You must have the utilities in your name when you pick up keys.

- Utilities may be disconnected as soon as August 2 if you have not done so.

Bedrooms & family rooms:
- Dust and wash the air/heat vents
- Wash off marks on the walls, dust and wash baseboards
- Dust and wash shelves/racks in closets
- Wash inside and out of all light fixtures and replace light bulbs as needed

- Thoroughly wash the tub/shower, to include around the shower head and handles, around the drain, door tracks and both sides of shower door if applicable, shower walls or tiles and remove curtain and hooks if you provided them
- Thoroughly clean the toilet, wash inside and out/top to bottom and clean behind the toilet
- Clean and wipe out the medicine chest, to include cleaning the mirror
- Thoroughly clean the sink, to include cleaning around spout and handles, cleaning out the vanity and wiping down the outside of the vanity
- Wash out the inside and out of all cabinets
- Wash off any marks on the walls, dust and wash baseboards
- Thoroughly mop the floor

- Vacuum out and wash the window tracks
- Wipe down the windowsill
- Dust mini blinds/vacuum drapes

Furnace room:
- Make sure any debris has been removed
- Vacuum any dust, dust and wipe with a damp cloth

Linen/coat closets:
- Dust/wash racks in closet
- Wash off any marks on the walls, dust and wash baseboards
- Clean floor

- Clean all cabinets and drawers inside and out
- Clean dishwasher inside and out
- Clean stove to include the drip pans and underneath burners (if drip pans are in really bad condition, new ones should be purchased)
- Clean oven – use oven cleaner on non-self-cleaning ovens and be sure to wipe out any oven cleaner residue. Self-cleaning ovens should be wiped out. Be sure to remember to clean the oven racks, broiler and drawers under stove unit (if applicable)
- Clean sink, especially around faucet base, handles and spouts
- Sweep and mop the floor
- Clean the refrigerator thoroughly, inside and out, pull refrigerator out and clean behind and under, replace bulbs as needed. If you have a freezer that needs to be defrosted manually, do not use sharp objects to chip ice, rather let freezer defrost by turning off
- Do not unplug your refrigerator or turn it off. Never leave the unit turned off with the door closed as this causes irreversible damage

Miscellaneous reminders:
- Contact utility companies to turn off any services that are in your name
- Remember that if you vacate the unit before the end of your lease term, the utilities should stay in your name until the end of your lease term
- Replace burnt-out light bulbs in all rooms
- Be sure to do a final walk-through to be sure all personal items have been removed from drawers, closets, etc.
- If you move out of your unit before your lease end date, please return your keys and carpet receipt as soon as you have moved out; this may result in the return of your damage deposit sooner
- The first trip to conduct a move-out inspection at the end of your lease term is no charge; any additional trips made because the unit has not been vacated in a timely fashion will be charged at $25.00 per trip
- Some suggested cleaning supplies are Murphy’s Oil Soap, Lime Away, “The Works”

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