Property Manager

Erica Mason
(319) 541-7283

To View a Property

Please contact Erica Mason at (319) 541-7283 to set up a showing. At least 24 hours will be required to give notice to current tenants.


If you are currently renting and something needs to be repaired at your house, contact Joey at (319) 331-7502 for plumbing issues or Dave at (319) 331-6986 for general repairs.

Furnace repair/service:
Brandt Heating (319) 338-3637.


Before you move in, you should have all utilities put in your name per the lease agreement.

If you are in Iowa City:

MidAmerican Energy (gas/electric)(888) 427-5632
City of Iowa City (water/sewer/trash)(319) 356-5066
CenturyLink (telephone and internet)(855) 382-4517
Mediacom (cable and phone)(855) 330-4184

If you are in North Liberty:

MidAmerican Energy (gas)(888) 427-5632
Alliant Utilities (electric)(800) 255-4268
South Slope Co-op (telephone & cable)(319) 626-2211
Mediacom (cable)(855) 330-4184
City of North Liberty (water/sewer/trash)(319) 626-5700