Setting up Utilities


Utilities for which the tenant is responsible should be in the tenant's name PRIOR to occupancy. Utilities that are not put in tenants name may be disconnected without notice.

Please refer to your rental agreement for details about your utilities. Internet and cable reception are tenant responsibility. This list is provided for your convenience only. It does not represent any services provided by the landlord.

Due to City Classification of many of the houses, some are zoned duplexes, triplexes, and rooming houses, etc. They therefore have multiple gas and electric, and water accounts. It is the tenant's responsibility to have all accounts within their home put in their name with a starting date of August 1st. for all houses.

See the contacts page for a list of utility providers.

At the start of the lease term:

In order to pick up keys to the property, all utilities must be in your name and August rent checks for student housing in Iowa City are due on or before August 1st. Exterior keys are provided. Interior keys and locks are the tenant's responsibility. No window air conditioners are provided or repaired by the landlord unless your lease states otherwise.

No early entrance into units is allowed.

If you are not moving in on August 1st, please (a) make arrangements to have rent paid on or before August 1st (late fees still apply even if you have not moved in); and (b) establish utilities in your name.

When you are preparing to move out:

Security Deposit: Your security deposit will not be used for your last month's rent. If you do not submit rent for the last month, legal proceedings will be taken to collect the rent. Please pay rent as you normally do.

It is expected that the dwelling will be left in a condition suitable for a new tenant to move into. Any cleaning, repairs that are in excess of "normal wear and tear," personal belongings left behind, possession of unit/keys past deadline, etc., are costs that will be charged back to you.

Cleaning tips:

Here are some suggestions for cleaning and checking out of your unit that you may be required to do in order to get 100% of your security deposit back. Bear in mind that there may be other things that you may be required to do which may not appear on this list.

Bedrooms & family rooms:



Furnace room:

Linen/coat closets:


Move-out reminders:

Security Deposit Refund Information

The security deposit is a deposit to secure the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement and stays with REM Properties, LC until all tenants under a lease vacate the rental. If there are additional occupants that are added to the Rental Agreement, and who contribute to the security deposit, it is understood that all parties (both old and new) must agree to the statements below regarding disbursement of any deposit due at the termination of the Rental Agreement. However, disbursement of deposits will not apply to any tenant who did not contribute monies to the deposit.

Final accounting and itemization of the security deposit, including any refund due, will be mailed to ONE individual at the termination of the Rental Agreement. The division of the check amount to each tenant named on the Rental Agreement is not the responsibilitiy of REM Properties, LC. *Please Note: the check will be mailed to the individual who gives a forwarding address in writing. This person needs to be agreed upon by all the remaining roommates.

REM Properties, LC has 30 days from the last day of our Rental Agreement to mail the deposit refund check as long as a forwarding address has been provided in writing. The security deposit stays with REM Properties, LC until the tenancy has ended and all rents, depts, charges, and damages have been paid.